Recently I reflected on how people deal with bad weather.  Some make a mad dash to a storm shelter, some make a storm shelter within the home, and others practically sleep through it. I’ve never been one to worry too much with the weather.  Fully respecting it’s power, but understanding that if it’s my time to go, there’s not much I can do to stop that.   Upon my reflection, it wasn’t the physical storm that I was thinking about, it was the mindset of people in their responses.   How, I might take a nap through a storm and someone else might be curled up in the tub with a mattress over their head waiting.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there is a clear difference in thought.  One not worried at all and another completely engrossed in fear. I remember one storm earlier in the year that stood out.  I had just gotten up from a nap and looked at social media to see where all damage had occurred.  Upon my review I saw a friend posting about how scared she was and her makeshift shelter.  It got me to thinking.

People deal with storms all the time.  Some are weather related, some are work related, and some involve personal issues.  Storm being a metaphor for so many things, but the root of the problem comes down to fear.  My friend felt it.   I know what it looks like, having had family members risk life and limb trying to cross the county getting to their safe place.  Never realizing the harms way they have been exposed to on that journey.  I think about the people exposed to someone dealing with fear.  Does a parent’s fearful reaction begin to instill fear in their children?  Is it a vicious cycle that we don’t realize we are starting?  

As the storms seemed to have passed, I took up my spring time spot on the porch with book in hand.  The rain was pouring down.  I could see the wind and the rain dancing across the water of a nearby pond.  Before I even opened my book, I thought about the beauty of the rain and what benefits we are able to receive from it.  I thought about my friend and her family curled up somewhere, how long would she wait before she came out of her shelter.  When was it safe enough to come out.  All the while I am sitting on the porch enjoying nature.  I could see the tornado siren in the distance; fully aware that it could go off at any point in time.  My safe place ready in case it did go off.  Respectful of weather, yes.  Fearful of the what ifs, no.

As mentioned earlier, this is an example that can be used for many analogies.  How many times have we missed out on something because of the storms in our lives?  How many bad habits have we exposed our loved ones to as a result of these storms?  How many limits have we put on ourselves due to fear?

I sat on my porch. I watched the rain until I closed my eyes to listen.  I listened to the rain drops fall, I heard the beautiful music being played with natures instruments.  I could hear the thunder and the birds.  I opened my eyes and could see lightening flash across the sky.  I sat in my rocker and witnessed all of this.  After a few moments I opened my book and began to read.

The storm that gave my friend such anxiety was the same storm that gave me a sense of calmness and appreciation for nature and the magic it can provide.  

What storms are you dealing with?  What fear is holding you back?  Have you thought about what that might do to those around you?